Do your workouts properly target your most pesky trouble spots?

The areas that are difficult to reach… the spots that often get missed in your regular exercise routine?

Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be a solution for love handles, bra bulge and those ugly saddle bags. But the dreaded muffin top will be no more if you follow this handy guide. This infographic has all sorts of tricks to help you get more out of your workout.

  • For Love Handles: Plank Ups
  • For Muffin Tops: V Ups
  • For Cankles: Calf Raises
  • For Saddle Bags: Hip Raises
  • For Bra Bulge: Deltoid Raises
  • For Thutt: Side Lunges

Does Your Workout Target Your Trouble Spots… the Ones that are Difficult to Reach?


target your trouble spots