Women's Health / January 2011

Women’s Health – Funny, Sexy, Girl

Funny, sexy, girl

by Lori Majewski

Turns out Glee’s dim-witted cheerleader- played by the magnetic¬†HEATHER MORRIS¬†– is full of smart advice, from how to snag your dream job(and deam body!) to staying healthy and confident under pressure.

…These days Heather has a healthy relationship with food. “I try to eat how your mother wanted you to eat when you were younger,” she says. “It’s not like I eat junk all the time, but I [allow myself] mashed potatoes or a cookie.” Another trick: “I don’t eat after 8 p.m. When you were little, you never did.”

Also, the girl just doesn’t sit still. “She balances her mental stablity with constantly being active,” says Woodlee. In addition to Piloxing, she does fusion workouts such as Cardio Barre (aerobics classes done at a ballet barre) and Hot Yoga Sculpt. Plus, starting May 21, she’ll be burning calories while traveling the U.S., Canada, and Europe on the 21-city Glee Live on Stage 2011 tour…