Valley / January 2004

Valley – Do The Holiday Hustle

Do the Holiday Hustle

Cardio Kitchen by Laurel House

How is it that the Valley always happens to be home to the hottest emerging exercise trends? CARDIO BARREĀ®, the brainchild of ex-NY dancer Richard Giorla, encapsulates every essential element of exercise. Of course, a one-hour class at the Sherman Oaks studio is ideal, but you can create a CARDIO BARREĀ®-esque workout at home. If you have a kitchen countertop or sturdy chair, you have a Cardio Kitchen!

Giorla’s Recipe for Sexy Legs and Butt

Doing this exercise will work the inner thigh, buttocks, quadriceps, ankles and calves.

  • Stand beside a countertop or chair back.
  • Place one hand on it for support.
  • Place your feet wider than shoulder width and turn you feet out.
  • Plie (bend you legs at your knees) while keeping your back straight, stomach in, and chest lifted. Be sure that your knees are over your toes at the lowest point of the plie (your butt should be at knee level).
  • Tuck your pelvis under (don’t stick your butt out).
  • Slowly stand while squeezing your inner thighs and butt.
  • Repeat 50 times.
  • For a more advanced workout, repeat the sequence on your toes instead of on flat feet.