Us / January 2007

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“I Want to Look Great in My Wedding Dress!”

Bride Ana Ortiz of Ugly Betty shares the workout that’s getting her ready for her June 9 I do’s, by Jeffrey Epstein

She peddled Herbalux as a get thin-fast method on Ugly Betty, but off-screen, Ana Ortiz isn’t relying on any gimmicks to help her slip into a backless, size 4 Monique Lhuillier gown for her June 9 Puerto Rico wedding to musician Noah Lebenzon, 37. Instead, the 5-foot-5 actress, 36, does three weekly sessions of CARDIO BARREĀ®, a 60-minute workout that includes poses at a ballet barre, lifting light weights and doing floor exercises. ” I notices a change in my body after six classes,” says Ortiz, who first began classes two years ago but recently upped her frequency because she “wanted to be more toned” for her big day. “My butt was up two inches higher!” The 120-pound star also hikes with her Chihuahua-pinscher mix, Fideo, and co-star America Ferrera, 23.

Eating Smart
“I changed my diet after I hit 30,” says Ortiz. “I couldn’t eat pizza at 1 in the morning.” Now she starts her day with whole grain cereal with rice milk, lunches on turkey bologna sandwiches and sips juice she blends at home with spinach for energy. “It’s gnarly,” she admits. “But I drink it and I’m on fire for the rest of the day!”

Leg Toner
“Ana’s character on Ugly Betty is so flamboyant, but she comes here and is so disciplined,” says Richard Giorla, creator of L.A.’s CARDIO BARREĀ®, as he guides her through leg lifts.