Pregnancy Magazine / January 2004

Pregnancy Magazine

6 Hot Fitness Craze. What are they, why are they so popular – and are they safe during pregnancy?

by Chris Hare

A rather recent invention, CARDIO BARREĀ® is a combination of yoga, Pilates and ballet. Its results come from the continual fat burning movement that tones and sculpts the body. Created by Richard Giorla, this exercise uses a ballet barre for balance, and students work one muscle group at a time with high reps, using only their bodies as resistance.

Cardio Bare is the “ultimate exercise during pregnancy” and a “no-impact” class, according to Giorla. “There is no jumping, kicking or punching. Just lengthening and strengthening muscles as you burn fat.” He also advises that “depending on how late you are in the pregnancy.. abdominal and twisting exercises should be minimized or eliminated.

Giorla maintains that many of his clients “will continue with this program all the way up to their ninth month. In fact, one exerciser stopped just four days before giving birth!