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Natural Muscle – Creating the Winning Physique

Creating The Winning Physique Year Round with CARDIO BARRE®

by Kim Hartt

In just one month of doing CARDIO BARRE®, I was amazed by the changes in my body. I lost body fat and gained long, lean muscle—without muscle bulk—and I am not on my usual strict pre-competition diet. I now eat a well balanced diet and am able to indulge a lot more and still keep in great shape. this definitely adds to the quality of my life.

The class can be modified to any individual’s level of intensity to make it challenging for everyone. I no longer go to the gym, as I can get all my weight work, toning, and cardio from these classes. I have never experienced anything like CARDIO BARRE®. From a fitness competitor’s standpoint, this class not only sculpts your body into that winning fitness physique, but it also gives you the core strength to left your won body weight. you will develop the great lines of a dancer for your fitness routines (not to mention the great legs of a dancer!)

I am trying to stress is the importance of cross training with different types of exercising. It may be a good change of pace to add something different to your program—of the typical bulk or mass building—that many of us get into the routine of doing.

For fitness competitors, CARDIO BARRE® is the best type of specific training I have done for sculpting my physique, while at the same time strengthening my body. If you add this type of training to the Element Specific Training Conditioning Program that I wrote about in Natural muscle at the beginning of the year, you will definitely have that “Winning Fitness Physique and Routine” package.

This class will also help to sculpt a lean and strong male physique. Richard Giorla is living proof of this. Richard is definitely one of the best instructors I’ve seen for what he bring sot this unique class.

Born in Philadelphia, Richard started his career as a gymnast, then moved NYC where he learned to break dance in the city streets. Richard went on to further his technical dance training in a few of New York’s finest schools soon becoming the dance captain for Chippendales. Richard was also the featured dancer for the MTV 10th Anniversary with Michael Jackson, and co-starred in the movie “Lambada amongst other film and television appearances. Richard brings passion and motivation to CARDIO BARRE®.

Take it from me, this is the best class that you can take for a lean, beautifully sculpted body that will add shape and curve without adding bulk to your physique. You will also become very graceful in your body movements, have strong trunk muscles and overall body awareness, as well as get in the best shape of your life. Being a pro fitness competitor, I’ve done a lot of different weight room exercise programs and nothing compares to this.

Kim Hartt
IFBB Fitness Pro
IFPA Faculty Instructor
SportPharma Spokesperson
Licensed Physical Therapist