Calabasas / January 2006

Calabasas – Full House

Full House 

HERE’S SOMETHING YOU DON’T HEAR OFTEN: “I could not be happier with my career. It’s exactly what I want to do with my life.”

The fulfilled speaker Laurel House, is West Coast Editor for both Fit and Fit Yoga magazines. She also writes about fitness, travel, beauty and sex for a variety of other magazines, including Men’s Journal, Playboy and Elite Traveler; teaches writing classes and offers media training for in Los Angeles;

consults for companies on product development and trends; edits a new website called; and has appeared as an expert on the Style Network’s Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, Soap network’s Soap Talk and The Other Half, and on ABC, FOX and CBS morning shows.

With that kind of schedule, it’s no wonder the former college dance major and competitive ice skater says she has no free time. Still, she’s managed to also adopt a Labrador Retriever rescued from Hurricane Katrina and create an about-to-be-published fitness book, Raise the Barre, which she co-wrote with Richard Giorla, owner of CARDIO BARRE® in Studio City.

“It’s based on his fitness, food and lifestyle program,” says House. As for how this one differs from the countless other fitness books on the market, House explains, “Unlike other flash-in-the-pan fitness trends, CARDIO BARRE® safely and effectively tones, tightens, shrinks and ultimately reshapes your body through fast, controlled dance-based movements — and you don’t even need to know how to dance in order to enjoy the benefits.”

f that’s still too strenuous for you, try checking out some of House’s tips in her first book, The Gurus’ Guide to Serenity, in which professionals who bring contentment to the world’s most famous people show you how to blissfully pamper yourself. “My favorite tips are those that can be done in the shortest amount of time,” she says. “Like Refrigerator Facials, which is basically using the healing powers hidden in natural facial products like honey, avocado, even chocolate.”

For someone who seems to have so many answers and advice for others, is there any wisdom that has guided House’s life? “Dance as though no one is watching you, love as though you have never been hurt before, sing as though no one can hear you, live as though heaven is on earth.”

And enjoy that chocolate facial!

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