/ January 1970

Brentwood Magazine

Fitness Fusion

by Laurel Ng

LOS ANGELES IS A TOWN FILLED WITH STRESSED OUT, time-crunched overachievers. Though free time is sparse, Angelenos always figure out a way to squeeze exercise into their schedules. In this town, fitness is not taken lightly. Exercise is not simply sport, it is a thriving business, and for the many actors and models that fill this city, it is actually part of their job t be fit and look great.

While fitness is essential, attention spans are short, and the hottest fitness trends seem to have about 10 seconds in the limelight before the crowd is on to the next new thing that piques their interest. At the moment, the trends seem to focus on limitless fitness variations. No plain-Jane workouts here. The fitness fads of today are integrations and hybrids of past fitness trends, as well as resurrections of old techniques that may not have originally been done for the sake of trimming thighs or slimming stomachs. Likewise, striptease was always thought of as a form of seduction, as opposed to a tough workout. Today these “arts” are being translated into fitness programs and their p popularity is soaring. Among these fitness fusions are the old and trusted mainstays of hiking and dancing. Though trails and teachers may fluctuate in popularity, at least we know these are going to stick around for a while.

f you thought Billy Blanks’ Tae-Bo was an intense class with a devoted, almost-addicted fan base, try Richard Giorla’s CARDIO BARRE® in Studio City. CARDIO BARRE® has “raised the bar” for all other fitness classes. After bringing his talent from New York City to Los Angeles, dancer-choreographer Richard Giorla used more than 20 years of experience and classical training to create this ballet-based cardio workout. Yes, the word “ballet” insinuates a slow, controlled style of movement, but rest assured, CARDIO BARRE® is anything but boring. This fun, fast-paced, fat-burning, sweat-dripping, muscle-toning workout is like nothing you have ever tired before.

Only a few months since its official opening, Giorla’s studio has been filled to capacity with enthusiastic students, and it is no secret why. The loud pumping music, Giorla’s gusto and teasing comments (“Laurel you better work harder or else some other, more in-shape woman is going to steal your husband”) inspire students to work it, feel it, ad keep coming back. Giorla has become the darling of celebrities yearning for the long and lean dancer body look his workout delivers. This budding fitness trend is on the verge of taking off, so get your butt moving while you can.