Allure / January 2014


You want to work out with the hottest Spinning instructor in New York City or the coolest choreographer in Los Angeles? Then join the waiting list. These cult trainers are inspiring true fitness obsessions.

By Lesley Rotchford

Richard Giorla

Cardio Barre

If you dropped in on one of Giorla’s classes in the Studio City area of Los Angeles, you might think you were witnessing a group-therapy session. “How would it make you feel to finish these leg lifts? How do you want to feel when you leave the room?” he asks his students (including Dakota Fanning, Ashlee Simpson, and Samantha Harris) as music spills from an old-school stereo system instead of an iPod. Giorla teaches three days a week, and women show up half an hour early to fight for a coveted spot in the front row. “His hour-long class completely transforms your body,” says Susan LeMoine, the owner of Dancers Barre, a dancewear store in Studio City. “You really do get a dancer’s physique.” Giorla believes that “people don’t like to be told what to do. I inspire them to think on their own by asking questions throughout the entire class: ‘What drives you?’ ‘What motivates you?'”