Franchise support without franchise restrictions!

Advantages of owning the “LA’s Premier Barre Workout!”

  • Working in a healthy environment
  • A proven formula
  • Transform lives in your community
  • Passion for dance/fitness
  • Proprietary Choreographed fitness routines
  • The most extensive “world class” instructor training program on the “barre” market
  • A great career transition for dancers



  • Studio/gym who wishes to enhance their existing program and profitability
  • Instructor who wants to teach at an existing studio/gym
  • Instructor who wants to set up their own classes


Franchise Licensing is a method of distributing products or services. At least two levels of people are involved in a franchise system:

The Franchise Licensor, who lends his trademark or trade name product/system;
The Franchise Licensee, who pays a fee for the right to do business under the licensor’s name, product, and system.

Our Business Model:
  • With a typical franchise system, you are restricted with many policies, systems and rules. Our system gives the support and use of trademarks/products, yet you run your studio or business your way!
  • Licensing can have several advantages over franchising. The principal one being that licensing offers far more independence and flexibility than you would find in a typical franchise relationship. It also usually costs less to start up than a franchise in the same industry.


Benefits of “Hollywood’s Premier Barre Workout.”

  • Share profit of a billion dollar industry
  • Right to use trademarked logo, photography, signs and artwork, including colors and brand standards
  • Dedicated studio location page/ Cardio Barre® website
  • Inclusion in Cardio Barre® social media marketing
  • Dynamic music for exciting classes
  • Access to a private on going training website for updates, new moves, tips and instructional support for technique and motivation.


Shape your future and invest in a Cardio Barre® franchise

A gym or studio with fixed or portable ballet barres,  mirrors, floor mats or carpeting, 1lb weights.
A certified Cardio Barre® instructor.

Proprietary goods (with Cardio Barre® logo) can be purchased… such as t-shirts, towels, workout DVDS portable ballet barre.


$6,000 annual fee / 3 year contract
$2500 Instructor certification

Some studios may require additional investment in equipment. We can provide you with a detailed list of required equipment as needed and it may be purchased through Cardio Barre® such as a stereo, barres, weights, mats, music.

For more information, please fill out an application.


$2500 fee per instructor …plus any travel and lodging expenses.

7 day course in Los Angeles (other possible locations).
Instructors must have 3 years classical ballet training.