The success of Richard Giorla’s passion for dance & fitness.

 Our Mission Statement…

“To empower people to transform their lives through

fitness, education, motivation and passion.”   –Richard Giorla

After bringing his talent from New York City to Los Angeles, from the big screen to the small screen and even to the stage, dancer/CHOREOGRAPHER Richard Giorla, has used his over 30 years of experience and classical training to create CARDIO BARRE®, one of today’s hottest fitness workouts.

It began when Richard suffered a crushing hip injury, which ended his dance career. Giorla wanted to keep moving at a pace that made sense for his body, yet no exercise routine met his needs.

Giorla wasn’t alone. With years of experience in the fitness industry, he witnessed an alarming rate of injury caused by high impact workouts. He also noticed many injured athletes and everyday people struggling to find a workout that fit their body, injury and motivation. Giorla saw the need for a high-energy workout, offering cardio yet without the impact on the body, offering a much safer work out. Giorla used his passion for dance and fitness to design a workout that combined the two, and created what is today, CARDIO BARRE®.

This barre based cardio workout is unlike any other exercise class offered in other gyms and studios.

In 2001, Richard Giorla came up with the answer when he created and opened his first Cardio Barre in Studio City, California. Richard continues to use his motivational techniques to inspire and transform lives… He has inspired over 100,000 clients and gives clear techniques as a catalyst for change. His mission is to help others “Live a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle…”.

With the ever-growing success of the studio and rewards of hearing the life changing experiences from his clientele, Giorla franchised his fitness method and concept by developing the Cardio Barre Franchise, LLC. in 2007.

Richard is the author of the book “Raise the Barre” and is co-owner of “Dancers Barre” a dance wear store to serve the artistic community in los Angeles.

Understanding the importance of nutrition in the world of health, Richard became co-owner of “Soupure.”