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Shape Your Future and invest into a Cardio Barre as a licensee!

  • Studio/Gym owner who wishes to enhance their existing program and profitability
  • Certified Instructor who wishes to teach at an existing studio/gym
  • Certified Instructor who wants to set up their own classes
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What is Franchise Licensing?

Franchise Licensing is a method of distributing products or services.  At least two levels of people are involved in a franchise system:

  1. The Franchise Licensor, who lends his trademark or trade name product/system;
  2. The Franchise Licensee, who pays a fee for the right to do business under the licensor’s name, product, and system.

Our Business Model:

  • Allows for franchise support without the franchise restrictions!
  • With a typical franchise system, you are restricted with many policies, systems and rules. Our system gives the support and use of trademarks/products, yet you run your studio or business your way!
  • Licensing can have several advantages over franchising. The principal one being that licensing offers far more independence and flexibility than you would find in a typical franchise relationship. It also usually costs less to start up than a franchise in the same industry.


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Why become a Franchise Licensee?

Franchise support without the franchise restrictions!

  • Share profit of a billion dollar industry
  • Brand Awareness
  • Exclusive Territory
  • Right to use professional trademarked logo, photography, signs and artwork, including colors and brand standards
  • Dedicated studio location page/ CB optimized website
  • Access to a private on going training website for updates, new moves, tips and instructional support for technique, and motivation
  • Licenses are offered nationally and internationally
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