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Now Hiring Instructors for South Lake, TX Location!

Seeking reliable, energetic, world-class instructors to join the South Lake, TX Location. Please send headshot, resume, and cover letter over to Cardio Barre DFW @ South Lake 817-912-1441

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Now Hiring Front Desk Staff for South Lake, TX Location!

Seeking reliable, energetic, front desk staff to join the South Lake, TX Location. Please send headshot, resume, and cover letter over to Cardio Barre DFW @…



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What Happens in Your Brain When You Say “Can’t”

Your brain is an amazing thing. It’s always working, and processing, and instructing. Even when you’re spending the day being…

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The Show Must Go On: How to Work Out Again After an Injury

Injuries affect more than just our bodies. They affect our minds. From the moment you roll your ankle, every time…

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How These Celebs Lost More Than 30 Pounds

Trying to shed some winter weight before the summer sun comes out? Check out these tricks celebrities have used to drop some unwanted pounds. These beautiful celebrities worked very hard to achieve their weight loss goals, and it’s easy to see how well their work paid off. If you’re struggling to manage your weight, take…

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12 Ways Posture Affects Your Life

We all know on some level how important posture is. If you ever participated in an activity that required good…

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Here’s How to Breathe Your Way to Serenity [Infographic]

Need more serenity in your life? Just breathe! This lovely Cardio Barre infographic has all sorts of factoids and tips…

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8 Unique Ways to Fit a Workout into Your Busy Schedule

Let’s face it, sometimes it seems like your life will never slow down long enough for you to fit in a good workout. But, whether…

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Hiring New Instructors!!!

San Francisco is looking for energetic, bright, and exciting new instructors! If you feel like you have that spark, send…

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Ballet: Your Ultimate Leg Sculpting Tool

Ballet performers have some of the best legs in the world. We’re not even kidding. They’re the perfect blend of…

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Does Your Workout Target Your Trouble Spots… the Ones that are Difficult to Reach?

Do your workouts properly target your most pesky trouble spots? The areas that are difficult to reach… the spots that often get missed in your…

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Cardio Barre at Simi Valley Wants to Help You Defy Gravity

Just beyond the hills of the rich and famous lies Simi Valley, a “mom and pop community” that is home to one of the original Cardio Barre franchises outside of Los Angeles. The studio opened in April 2008 and will have its eight-year anniversary in just a few short months. Franchise owner and instructor Melissa…

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Not-So-Secret Secrets to Get You Through the Toughest Parts of Your Workout

Admit it, there’s a segment of your Cardio Barre low-impact workout that you dread every class. Maybe you loath the core section or cringe when…