Cardio Barre is not just the fitness- flavor- of- the- month, but rather a cutting edge, body-burning, stretching and strengthening system that will change the way you view working out, while shaping you into your image of bodily perfection.


Cardio Barre combines barre work, light weights with a continual fat burning motion



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Ashlee Simpson

Coming from a dancing background, CARDIO BARRE® is my favorite way to workout! It feels great to be physically challenged at the ballet barre while doing a combination of techniques used by dancers. The high-energy instructors keep me motivated to push a little harder every class. I've been going to CARDIO BARRE® for 4 years now and always have fun! I also love that I can go to a class with friends who don't have any dance experience and know they'll be able to keep up.

Dakota Fanning

CARDIO BARRE® makes exercising fun because I get to feel like a ballerina at the same time.

Jenna Elfman

I love CARDIO BARRE® because I KNOW my body will definitely change as a result of it. Even going three times a week, I have noticeable, definite improvement in my body's shape and tone. It's great.

Neve Campbell

Having been a dancer before acting, I tend to look for forms of exercise that are both a great physical challenge as well as stimulating and fun. Richard's CARDIO BARRE® classes are the perfect combination. This is the first place I come to when I want to get in shape and stay in shape.

Melissa Hart Wilkerson

As an adult who trained in ballet all of her childhood, I found it very difficult to stick with a workout that would let me still feel and look like a dancer without the pressures (and sometimes embarrassment) of a dance studio. CARDIO BARRE® gave me a reason to want to get up in the morning and I always leave feeling like I just had a great time at a dance club while working up a good sweat. That and the deepest burn you have ever felt are what keep me coming back.

Eg Daly

It's like the class calls me to get over there! It works every part of my body without the kind of impact that feels damaging. The teacher Richard seems to have eyes all around his head. He takes great care in the students. He notices form and I'm amazed how he doesn't miss anything no matter how large the class is and everyone is being looked after by him to secure good form. CARDIO BARRE® is great for cardio, great for stretching, great for sculpting, and great for what feels like, to me, ... every inch of my body. I have seen changes already and I look forward to the next class!

Megan Hilty

CARDIO BARRE® proves that you can have a great time while getting in fantastic shape! After the first class I was completely hooked and even though I've taken classes for several years now, I continue to be challenged and inspired by the tough exercises and incredible staff.

Laura Leighton

Anyone who's looking for a whole body workout, core strengthening, increased flexibility and longer, stronger muscles will find it all at CARDIO BARRE®. Richard and his instructors are inspiring and informed, and I'm so thrilled to have discovered a fun workout that delivers such great results so quickly! Great music, too... I love how I feel after a CARDIO BARRE® class!

Nia Vardalos

An easy-going studio, filled with fun classes and encouraging instructors who make us all feel as if we're simply one tendu away from being ballerinas.

Melissa Gilbert

I started doing CARDIO BARRE® after my spinal surgery. I hoped to strengthen my spine & try to prevent any further problems. I got so much more! I am stronger, leaner & more flexible than I have been in decades. CARDIO BARRE® not only changed my body, it changed my life. I feel healthier & stronger than ever before... but more importantly, I feel more confident, and sexier. Cardio Barre really can change your life. It has done wonders for mine!

Summer Glau

CARDIO BARRE® has been one of my favorite workouts for years. I really enjoy the energy coming from everyone in the room. No matter which class you take, the instructor, the music, and the format will leave you with a fast, fun, full body workout every time.

Samantha Harris

i've been taking CARDIO BARRE® classes for about a year now and in all my years of searching for great classes, I've never found one like this! I can't get here often enough. It's really firmed my glutes and helps tone everything. I have also been able to keep it up with a heart-monitor during pregnancy!

Lucy Lawless

I never give testimonials but I am so grateful to Richard Giorla and his team for what they have done for me. I am shocked at the changes in my physique over the past year and I wish I had discovered this ten years ago. The CARDIO BARRE® program has actually changed the way my bones stack up by retraining all the connective tissue and muscle. I am beginning to look like a dancer!

Marissa Jaret Winokur

Everyone knows I love to dance, but before Dancing With the Stars I would get my fix at CARDIO BARRE®. Having fun is the ONLY way to lose weight and for me that was CARDIO BARRE®. It helped me lose over 50 pounds. Just because there are skinny, very in shape, people in the photos on this web site I am here to tell you the classes are FULL of all shapes and sizes. The instructors push you to push yourself. You leave feeling like you danced up a mountain!